Pag's ability

Paper Art Gift always know how to please customers, not only provide quality products, the thoroughness and the enthusiasm of our team is appreciated highly!

We are the designers, manufacturers of paper products that are highly artistic and creative. Proud to be the partner of many big and small businesses in the world, Paper Art Gift is a paradise for the emotions to be expressed in each artwork.

The Benefits

We give a lot of things to customers

With good service, we will design the exclusive cards or on the samples available from the customers’ idea.


We use good paper material, imported from European countries having high technology to give perfect products to customers.


Design any hard or easy patterns, according to the trend and demand, we have the experience of consulting products to customers about technical and creative idea.


Receive the information and solve problem quickly. Shipping and delivery to customers on time.


Especially the enthusiasm and thoroughness of customer care team will bring comfort and belief in work progress.

Work progress

Step 1


After receiving customers’ orders, the sale team analyzes all information, after then confirmed by customers containing designs, quantity, price, way of packaging, shipping date, payment term.

Step 2

Mass production

At this step, the sale director, who is responsible for ordering will put the order into production.

Step 3

Manage and last check

While the productions are made, the group of quality control ensure that the final products are not defective and meet the demand of customers.

Step 4

Delivery and feedback

We use fast delivery vehicles and are associated with the reputable, reliable delivery units to deliver the products after checking carefully. More importantly, we always receive feedback of customers to measure and provide better service to them in the future.

Manufacture handicraft product

   We have a clear plan and production line for each department can do good jobs, create high quality products.

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We look forward to working with you!