Transportation Policy - Delivery

We deliver goods worldwide according to 3 factors:

- The order time: the time of delivering goods starts when we confirm the order successfully. If customers order goods after office hours, the delivery time will be added one day automatically. 

- Place of delivery: We will base on the address which customers have registered to balance the appropriate time for each area.

- Ordered Product: the orders with the large quantity, we deliver to the customers as soon as possible.

In Vietnam for retail orders:

- Delivering within 1 day in provinces (specific time will notify the customers when we call them to confirm the order) for the area of Ho Chi Minh City.

- Charge: calculated by the shipping unit.

In Vietnam for wholesale orders:

- Delivering within 2 weeks if the quantity is over 1000 products and 1 week for the order less than 1000 products.

- With the order is over 10000 products, we will directly contact customers to unify.

- Charge: calculated by the shipping unit.

In overseas for retail orders:

- We will deliver to customers through the stores we are agents in Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba,… Time will depend on these distributors.

- Charge: calculated by shipping unit

In overseas for wholesale orders:

- We will deliver to customers at least 2 weeks from order confirmation date. If anything happens, we will directly contact customers to unify.

- Charge: calculated by the shipping unit.


Listing content and value of the goods accurately, if the package has incorrect product description or lists the price of the product incorrectly may be investigated by the Customs office. Then, customers may pay additional taxes or fines.

Follow the import and export laws: Customers recognize and agree that:

Customers follow all import and export of regulations and rules.

Paper Art Gift always follows the import and export laws and refuses any shipment which we know or have suspecting reasons that it breaks the rules above.

We refuse to deliver any shipment requiring an import/export license.

Do not send products to the individual or organization in the List of the individuals and nations are prohibited regulated by OFAC; or the Industry Office and safety of US Department of Commerce,…