Dragon dancing
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:A dragon is familiar to South East Asia culture and is a symbol of nature power. Drag..

Rosy rooster
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:Chicken is considered as a signal of a new day. The chicken will awaken the sun for f..

Saigon Girls
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:The picture of Saigon girls wearing Vietnamese traditional custom "Ao dai" is always ..

The couplet eminence
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:The couplet eminence is one of famous Dong Ho paintings. It is about a boy holding a ..

Ying Yan Pig
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:Dong Ho painting "Ying yan pig" is the picture of little pigs gathered around their m..

Beautiful Flower Basket
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:A beautiful flower basket is always a perfect choice for gift. Inspired by this, Pape..

Green Flower Vase
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:A green flower vase is always a perfect choice for gift. Inspired by this, Paper Art ..

Happy Day
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:Wedding is one of the most important ceremony for each other. Inspired by this, Paper..

Romantic Bouquet
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:A bouquet mix of red, orange and white flowers is a brilliant choice for creating a h..

The mice wedding
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:"The mice wedding" is one of the most famous Dong Ho paintings. Inspired by this, Pap..

Wedding Wine Glass
89,000 VND

Inside meaning:Wedding wine glass in weddings likes the love of couple. Inspired by this meaningful ..

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