Terms of use

E-commerce website Paper Art Gift has the domain name www.paperartgift.com operated by Paper Art Viet Co., Ltd to serve customers having the need of buying and using paper gifts, handmade items, stationery items.

Products at paperartgift.com always meet the regulation of law, a raw material having a clear origin 

The work at paperartgift.com must be done publicly, transparently, ensure benefits of consumers.

When a customer accesses to our website meaning that they agreed with these provisions and policies. The website has a right to change, edit, add or omit any part of these sale policies at any time without informing in advance. The customers continue to use the website after changing these policies, it means that they accept the changes. Please check mail regularly to update information if we make the change.

1. The instruction of using Website

The seller is Paper Art Viet Company

The buyers are all Vietnamese people and international people

We sell goods for anyone who has full civil actions to carry out purchase deals according to the law

Customers will register an account at paperartgift.com to purchase goods, after providing full information about the email address, permanent address, contact telephone number, their nation, and password, after accurate validation and certainly no change, we will provide customers an account to make a deal at Loveart.com.vn. We have the right to cancel accounts which have been inactive for a long time (more than 1 year) or remove fake accounts immediately, doubtfully use the account for cheating and information customer is incorrect. If there are problems which cannot be resolved, we will make use of solutions according to the regulation and law intervention.

2. Change or cancel the deal at paperartgift.com

In any case, the customers have the right to refuse the deal if they meet the following conditions:

- Informing to cancel the deal by hotline (028 3718 6649 or 028 3622 5568) after 1-hour order or email: cs.paperartgift@gmail.com

- In the case of refusing the products which are sent, customers must pay the postage for the delivery unit returning the goods to paperartgift.com.

- The customers remove stamps from goods, then return them to us without reason, we will not receive and solve.

- If errors are found, please contact us and we will resolve the problem (check policies carefully to get more detail)

3. Brand and copyright

All intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered), information and all designs available on website Loveart.com.vn are protected by copyright laws of Vietnam and national conventions, have been reserved.

4. Legal right

The conditions, provisions, and contents of this website are adjusted by the laws of Vietnam and the competent courts of Vietnam will resolve if there are any disputes arising from using this unauthorized website.

5. The confidentiality provisions

Our website always keeps customers’ information safe, all are encrypted securely. They cannot use any program, tool or other forms to interfere with the system to change data structure. It is prohibited to distribute, disseminate activities to interfere and destroy data system. The individual or organization will be disinterested all rights and prosecuted before the law as well.

(Read more about confidential policy)

6. Announcement

When the customers open the account, our notifications will be sent to the email provided by the customers. Please check mail regularly for more useful information from our preferential program. The customers also send notification or information to us via email or telephone through the contact information on the website. In the case of not receiving email, customers can set the mode of not receiving an email from us.