Payment Policy

If customers are not totally satisfied with the products and services at Paper Art Gift, we will accept to refund and receiving the products within 10 days for domestic customers and 30 days for foreign customers.

The error products are considered as:

- Color error

- Size error

- Technical error

- Content error

- Torn, mistake with another product,…

All items must be returned in the condition of the package and content, the form of the cards are new, especially the invoice because all items cannot be returned without an invoice. If the invoice has been adjusted, the order will not be resolved.

We do not accept to receive customers’ products from retailing store to be refunded, all goods which are returned must be packaged enclosing the invoice and sent to us. However, there are cases with the orders without the invoice, please attach notes, names, payment addresses, order numbers and dates for us to check the system. Of course, shipping costs will be paid by customers.

The products are broken on the way of transportation, we will directly work with customers and shipping unit to solve the problem.

Refund (If applicable)

We will pay for fees according to the policy we publish. If customers do not receive money on time, please check the bank account and contact the bank which is responsible for customers’ credit cards. If customers did the things above, they still do not receive money. Please contact us directly through office address, email and telephone number that we update on our website.