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The first Christmas Card was designed and sent by Sir Henry Cole in 1843 in the UK. And sending greeting cards in Christmas Eve has become annual tradition.

The brief history of Christmas cards

Sir Henry Was a senior civil servant who had set up the New Public Record Office. He had the idea of Christmas Cards and built the concept with his friend John Horsley, who was an artist. The very first cards were designed and sold for 1 shilling each (equal to 5 p or 5 cents today but at that time it was more valuable). About 1,000 cards which are very rare today were printed and sold.

When the first postal service was started and postal deliveries began in 1840, greeting cards became more popular in the Kingdom because they were posted in unsealed envelopes for one-half penny costing only half of an ordinary letter price. Before that, only super rich people could pay to send cards in the post.

Because printing methods were improved, Christmas Cards became even more popular from 1860. The cost of sending cards by post reduced to half a penny, which meant more people were able to afford.

In the late 1840s Christmas Cards appeared in the United State but were very costly and people weren’t able to afford them. In 1875 Louis Prang, who had worked on the early Christmas Cards in the UK, started producing cards in bulk so that more people could buy them. Louis Prang’s first cards were featured plants, flowers, and children. Then in 1915 John C. Hall and his brother co-founded Hallmark, who is still the biggest car producer in the world today.

The concept of personalized Christmas Card was created in 1891by Annie Oakley, who was the star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. The Christmas Cards featuring her photo was sent from Glasgow, Scotland to her friends and family at Christmas 1891. As Annie was in Scotland, she was clothing tartan in the photo, and the cards were printed by a local printer. 

From 1910 to 1920, homemade Christmas Cards became more popular. They were designed in unique shapes with things such as ribbon and foil. They were usually given by hand instead of sending through the post.

Christmas Cards today have all kinds of pictures on them such as Santa Claus, winter landscape or romantic scenes. Charity organizations often sell their own Christmas Cards as a way funding money.

What to write in Christmas cards

Sending Christmas Cards is one of the best ways to show family and friend that you care about them. Christmas greeting cards say something about their senders bringing cheer to their friends, family and either partner. Greeting cards are also a great way to keep in touch at the end of the year.

You may have the trouble of thinking about what to write on a Christmas Card sent to important people. But don’t be afraid and just say something from your heart such as best wishes and greetings for them. And your message will become better if you make it personal.

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