frequently asked questions

We are willing to answer customers’ queries and help them when the problem happens. If you have any questions, please leave us a message, Paper Art Gift team will contact you as soon as possibl!

When purchasing with large quantity, how long have I received?

If the quantity of the product is less than 20.000 cards, we will deliver them within 2 weeks. If it is more than 20.000 cards, we will work and inform customers through email.

How many forms of transportation do you have?

We use many forms of transportation to serve customers everywhere, air transportation through prestigious companies such as UPS, DHL, FedEx,... is prior. Especially, the maximum time of delivery is 7 days by airline 9 (depending on shipping service) for export.

Could you let me know the sizes of cards you have?

We produce a variety of greeting cards and have the following sizes: 11x18, 12x12, 12x19, 12.7x17.8, 15x15, 15x20, 30x30. Unit is in cm.

I want to know your transportation fee and do you have free delivery. How do I get free shipping?

Shipping charge is calculated by the delivering carrier. Selling price is EXW. Unfortunately, we cannot provide free delivery service for the international market but we are trying to provide the most competitive prices for customers making them feel satisfied when cooperating with us. We always offer the best choice for free shipping deals and announce on the website when the promotions are available.

How long do I get the design of Pop Up card if I purchase the product?

We will design the sample for customers and finish it at least 2 weeks. Production and delivery time are at least 2 weeks as well. Except for urgent cases, we will contact customers via email.

In addition to the store in Vietnam, where can I buy your product, do you have a retail store?

In Vietnam, you can buy our products directly at the showroom, Phuong Nam bookstores and other distribution channels we will inform customers when they are available. Overseas, we set up the headquarters in Italy, USA and Japan.

Where is your showroom, when can we visit?

Our showroom is located at Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment.

Could you tell me your sales policy?

Basic policy for customer ordering the product with large quantity in our shop as follows: Minimum quantity: 100 pieces/ sample. Value order at least $1000. For a custom design, minimum quantity 1000 pieces/ sample. Value order at least $1000. Production time is at least 2 weeks.

Which products are for wedding topic?

We have Pop Up card, Quilling card, Pop Up Wedding Knot and the designs of Pop Up cards are designed by customer request from simple to complex.

Could you tell me your advantages making me cooperate with you?

We have the advantages such as: paper material is imported from Italy and Japan standardizing FSC. Design team is professional, young and creative, catch the trend of the market. We have a workforce with skillful hands to make the products perfect at each stage. The capacity of providing is over 100.000 products per month. WFTO certification, ensure fair trade environment.