About Us

Paper Art Gift

Borned from the successes of Paper Art Viet (PAV), Paper Art Gift is a combination of many styles, each of artworks are made by creative inspiration, modern technology and passion of PAV designers. We would like to bring paper products, stationery, and office supplies,… to our customers. We have expanded our business with e-commerce, company scale and professional staffs in order to meet the demand of using handmade paper products, bring good spiritual value for everyone as well.

Paper Art Gift - The place you can immerse yourself in the world of paper art, we provide paper products with the goal of becoming the leading paper gift supplier by unique and creative Pop Up designs.

Human resouces and manufacturing

We have a work force who is always flexible in grasping new trends and creating endless to make the best products. Additionally, Paper Art Gift always considers people as the most important thing, we create a comfortable working environment, fun and friendly to achieve the expected results, please all of the customers.

With hundreds of products are made per day, the production plays a vital role. Thus, Paper Art Gift has invested constantly in printing system, cutting machines imported from European Union nations with modern and advanced technology. Organize training monthly on skills and profession for workers, always meet the working space, help and share the difficulties of the employees to make them get a good working condition.